SparkEVO One

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SparkEVO is an advanced ignition box for 2-stroke petrol engines.
Compared to the products currently on the market, it offers smart solutions to set-up the system. SparkEVO interfaces itself with different types of inner rotor ignition (PVL, Selettra, etc.), outer rotor ignition, VR pickup or contact points type. It can handle 1 power jet or a power valve rave and a quick shift sensor.
The device is resistant to dust and water drops.

⚠️ For CDI inner rotor systems, it is necessary to include a Digital Hall Sensor! Go to product.

⚠️ We currently do not support engines based on Kokusan systems!

ℹ️ You can always extend your configuration even after the purchasing. Write us for information.

Customize your own! Read the supported applications ➡️

AC-CDI: Applications with and without pickup, stator with inner or outer rotor.
TCI: Applications for contact points, or 12V powered systems.

With multiple maps you will also have support for handlebar map switch (switch not included).

Record engine data (RPM, Timing, engine acceleration...) to implement a virtual bench test and download it on different formats using the apps.

Enables electronic shift to change gear without the aid of the clutch (sensor not included).

Set the output signal when the RPM exceeds a threshold. Useful to control power jets, power valve, light indicators.

We can include the USB cable for free, but think about the environment! If you already have a spare USB Type A Male-to-Male cable, then you probably do not need this one ;)

If your system is based on CDI inner rotor, a Digital Hall Sensor is required! Go to product.


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SparkEVO One: Smart Ignition Box. The package includes:

  • SparkEVO One Ignition Box
  • USB port cap for dust & water protection
  • USB cable (optional)

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