iTronix Ignition Box

350,00 (including VAT)

iTronix is the most advanced ignition box for 2-stroke engines. Create timings maps, set rev limiter, quick shift, and get recorded data from your PC and Smartphone.


iTronix is the new electronic ignition box from SparkEVO.

Specifically made for two-strokes engines, it lets you control lots of parameters and features of your engine.

  • Up to 6 programmable timing maps
  • RPM limiter for each timing map
  • Quick shift
  • Supports the handlebar map switch
  • Data logging on PC
  • Real-time monitoring via Smartphone and PC

It is compatible with major two-strokes, inner-rotor, ignition systems like PVL (no battery needed!) and Selettra.

You can configure it using Windows/MacOS desktop and Android/iOS smartphone.

Manuals and useful links will be transmitted by email. USB-C cable is not included.

📦 Delivery times vary between 5 to 15 days depending on zones. It may also increase during high demanding periods.