SparkEVO Zero/Basic

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Convert from points to electronic ignition!

SparkEVO Zero is the simplest and fastest way to turn your mechanical contact points system into a zero-maintenance electronic ignition.

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Key characteristics

SparkEVO Zero: the Contact Breaker-to-Electronic conversion box. Compatible with every contact points engine (2-stroke or 4-stroke, with 1 cylinder). Remove the capacitor and use the contact points only for timing signal: no more maintenance needed, no contact points wear.

Removes the capacitor

The capacitor is no more needed, SparkEVO Zero brings all the needed electronics.


Performance increase

Delivers more voltage to the spark plug than contact-points based ignitions.


No maintenance

Contact points are no more prone to damage, they are used only for timing signal.


Fits everywhere

Small, lightweight and very few cables to connect. Robust nylon housing, dust and water proof.


How to install

Full details are covered on manual.

The package includes:

  • SparkEVO Zero/Basic electronic conversion module
  • Faston connectors

Manuals and useful links will be transmitted by email.

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